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Zirconium is one of the oldest and most abundant elements in the terrestrial crust and it is the basis for Zirconium oxide (yttrium stabilized Zirconium dioxide). This first-class-performance material was successfully used for artificial limbs and joints in the medical field in the last decades and now it is also available to the dental industry. Due to its excellent biological characteristics, Zirconium is nowadays the preferred material for dental restorations. its use in the dental field is on the increase since the 1900s. It is assumed tat 15,000 to 20,000 units are realized in zirconium every day. In vitro tests revealed that zirconium bridges and metal ceramic bridges on the basis of precious metal alloy show the same fracture resistance.



Material Of The Future

Zirconia is suitable for modern dental restorations. Its translucency favors the aesthetic and natural look of the dental restorations. Those characteristics are enhanced by the possibility to color the frame structures with 16 different color liquids. This fact guarantees longevity, because there are no black margin in case of age-related retreat of the gums, as this might be the case with metal restorations. Furthermore this very acid-proof material prevents the absorption of impurities and makes cleaning easier. material. No special preparation methods are required. All types of preparations are workable (chamfer, bevel, shoulder bevel ...). Use glasionmer cements for permanent cementation. Also, Panavia can be used and show good results. Special conditioning of the dies and the inner surface of crowns is not necessary. For occlusal trimming we recommend the use of find-granular water cooled diamonds. Trephination of a zirconium oxide restoration is uncomplicated. New diamond abrasives at low number of revolutionscooled by water should be used. Crowns have to be slit like metal ceramic restorations.




1.Material with extreme fracture resistance

2.Metal free dental restoration 

3.Good biocompatibility 


5.No black margins




For more bonding: BISCO’s Z-PRIME Plus is a single-component priming agent used to enhance adhesion between indirect restorative materials and composite resin cements. It can be used as a surface treatment for Zirconia and Alumina metal oxide ceramics, as well as other types of metals/alloys, composites and endodontic posts. Z-PRIME Plus has been specifically formulated to provide high bond strengths in either self-cure or light-cure modes.

  • Unparalleled bond strengths to Zirconia, Alumina and Metal restorations

  • Chemically bonds to zirconia

  • Compatible with light-cured and dual-cured resin luting cements

  • Versatility and durability with many different substrates

  • Convenient, single bottle delivery offers ease of dispensing

  • Significantly enhances bond strengths of other resin cements 




If you need more information on the material,please have a look at the following website dioxcide

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