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Varieties of zirconia(ZirkonZahn)




High strength (Ice Zirkon Translucent) 

Zirconia restorations made from ICE zirkon translucent dispose of a particularly high bending strength.With a bending strength of up to 1570 MPa (study University Munich, Dr. Beuer Feb,2007) our zirconia is considered one of the strongest available on the market. The material is used for the manufacture of aesthetical,high-quality and well-fitting dental prothesis,which are veneered with ceramics. 


High Translusent (Prettau) 

Zirconia, owing to its own special material composition, displays an incredible high bending strength With a bending strength bettwen 1000-1200 MPa and a perfectly natural appearance. Zirconia comes into a world of Zirconia material blends in excellently with the natural tissue, so the missing gingival tissue is amenable to restoration in a highly aesthetic manner. The material can be shaped to full contour. Ceramic chipping can be avoided, because only the labial or restorations. 




Prettau Anterior 

Zirconia for the anterior tooth region. The material has the same transluceny as lithium disilicate but With a bending strength of 670 MPa (lithium dicilicate 390 MPa)  The material is highly translucent, which makes it ideal for the manufacture of aesthetical single crowns in the anterior tooth region, but also for inlays, onlays and max. 3-unit bridges in the entire jaw area. The material allows fully anatomic restorations even in the anterior tooth region – ceramic chipping can therefore be avoided. 








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