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Zirkon Dental 

One step closer to the perfect smile

Grow Your Vision

Welcome to Zirkon Dental Laboratory, America's leading dental lab. Our high-quality dental products, expert craftsmanship, and fast delivery set the industry standard. We partner with dental offices across United States and provide unmatched products at competitive prices. Trust us to be your go-to dental lab. Thank you for choosing Zirkon Dental Laboratory!


Zirconia Restorations

 Our Zirconia restorations include full anatomy crowns for both anterior and posterior, inlays & onlays, and a range of veneers from Full anatomy to layered and non-prep options. We also offer posts and additional services for anterior cases with more than 4 crowns, as well as our exclusive ZDL special design.

Emax CAD Restorations

We provide full anatomy crown stains for both anterior and posterior, inlays & onlays, full anatomy veneer stains, and a variety of crowns and veneers including layered and non-prep options. Our services cater to diverse patient needs with top-notch quality and precision.


We specialize in All on X, we well as offer a wide selection of abutments, including zirconia, and milled anodized titanium options for single and bridge cases. We also provide cementable and screw retain packages, ensuring an excellent fit and function for your patients' implants.

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